217 Antikriegs- und Bürgerrechtsorgansationen, vorwiegend aus den USA
fordern die Aufnahme von Untersuchungen und Anklageerhebung gegen
Regierungsbeamten, die in Kriegverbrechen verwickelt sind.

Die Petition richtet sich an Generalstaatsanwalt Eric Holder und
verlangt die Einsetzung eines Sonderanklägers.

Die Forderungen werden von zahlreichen Kongressmitgliedern unterstützt.

Alle Unterzeichner
203. Stelle
  1. Center for Constitutional Rights
  2. The National Lawyers Guild
  3. Society of American Law Teachers - SALT
  4. Human Rights USA
  5. Action Center For Justice
  6. After Downing Street
  7. American Citizens Together
  8. American Freedom Campaign
  9. American Voices Abroad - Berlin
  10. American Voices Abroad Military Project
  11. Amherst Women in Black
  12. Angry Voters
  13. Ann Wright, retired US Army Reserve Colonel and US diplomat
  14. ANSWER Coalition
  15. A.R.T. (Activist Response Team)
  16. Artists Against the War
  17. Axis of Logic
  18. Backbone Campaign
  19. The Beach Impeach Project
  20. Bend-Condega Friendship Project
  21. Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee
  22. Better Than Machines
  23. Bill of Rights Defense Committee
  24. Boca Peace Corner
  25. Boston Antiwar League
  26. Brad Blog
  27. Bruce E. Jones, author of War Without Windows and Make America Again
  28. Bush Prosecution
  29. Buzz Flash
  30. Campaign for Peace and Democracy
  31. Cape Codders for Peace and Justice
  32. Center for the Study of Democratic Societies
  33. Central Florida Veterans for Peace
  34. Chatham Peace Initiative
  35. Chesapeake Citizens
  36. Chelsea Neighbors United to End the War
  37. Chicagoans Against War & Injustice
  38. Chicago World Can't Wait
  39. Cities for Peace
  40. Citizens for Accountability, Ventura County
  41. Citizens For Legitimate Government
  42. Citizens for Peace & Justice of Medford, Oregon
  43. Claire McGee Photography
  44. CND Cymru
  45. CODE PINK: Women for Peace
  46. Code Pink Portland
  47. Collateral Repair Project
  48. Consumers for Peace
  49. Cultures of Resistance/Caipirinha Productions
  50. Daniel Ellsberg, Truth-Telling Project
  51. David Lindorff, Author of "The Case for Impeachment"
  52. The Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality
    Richmond, Virginia
  53. Defending Dissent Foundation
  54. Delaware Valley Veterans for America
  55. Democracy in Action
  56. Democracy For America - Tucson
  57. Democracy for NYC
  58. Essex County NJ DFA
  59. The Democratic Activist
  61. Dignity and Dining
  62. Docudharma
  63. Eastside Fellowship of Reconciliation
  64. 8th Day Center for Justice
  65. The Enviroshow
  66. Fayetteville Peace with Justice
  67. Fort Wayne Peace and Justice
  68. Frank Dorrel, Publisher, Addicted To War
  69. Frank Grevil
  70. Georgia Peace & Justice Coalition
  71. Georgia Veterans Alliance
  72. Glenn Greenwald
  73. Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
  74. Gold Star Families for Peace
  75. Grandmothers Against the War
  76. Granny Peace Brigade
  77. Grassroots America
  78. Green Party of Utah
  79. Green Party of Virginia
  80. Health Freedom USA
  81. High Road for Human Rights Advocacy Project
  82. Humanists for Peace
  83. Impeach Colorado
  84. Impeach for Peace
  85. Indict Bush Now
  86. Individuals for Justice
  87. Instruments For Peace
  88. IPAS / the Auschwitz Project
  89. Iraq Veterans Against the War
  90. Issues & Alibis magazine
  91. Justice Through Music
  92. Justin Frank, MD author of Bush on the Couch
  93. Kutztown Area Democratic Club is
  94. Lake Forest Park for Peace
  95. Liberty Tree
  96. Longmont Citizens for Justice and Democracy
  97. Ralph Lopez, author of "Truth in the Age of Bushism," chairman, Jobs For Afghans
  98. Los Angeles Free Press
  99. Marcus Raskin, co-founder of Institute for Policy Studies, member of editorial board of the /Nation/, member of the special staff of the National Security Council in the Kennedy Administration
  100. Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns
  101. Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored
  102. Media With Conscience
  103. The Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute
  104. Middle East Children's Alliance
  105. Middle East Crisis Response
  106. MobileBroadcastNews
  107. My America Too
  108. Naomi Wolf, author of /End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot/, and /Give Me Liberty: A Handbook for American Revolutionaries/
  109. Nashville Peace Coalition
  110. National Accountability Network
  111. NC Democrats
  112. New Hampshire Peace Action
  113. NJ May 1 Coalition
  114. New Paltz Women in Black
  115. New Paltz Green Party
  116. Newton County Democratic Club, and
    Newton County Democratic Central Committee
  117. New York Metro Progressives
  118. NY-NJ Rapid Response Network
  119. No Nukes North
  120. North Alabama Peace Network
  121. North County Coalition for Justice and Peace
  122. Northeast Impeachment Coalition
  123. Northwest Indiana Coalition Against the Iraq War
  124. Op Ed News
  125. Opinion or Truth
  126. Oregon PeaceWorks
  127. The Orlando Prosecute Bush and The Cabal Cyber Meetup
  128. Partnership for Civil Justice (PCJ)
  129. Patrick Henry Democratic Club
  130. Patriotic Response to Renegade Government
  131. Peace Action
  132. Peace Action & Education (Rochester, NY)
  133. Peace & Justice Forums, Billings, MT
  134. Peace Team
  135. People for Peace & Justice/St. Augustine, FL
  136. Peter McLaren, Professor, University of California, Los Angeles
  137. Pioneer Valley Coalition Against Secrecy and Torture
  138. The Progressive
  139. Progressive Democrats of America
  140. Progressive Democrats of Hawaii
  141. Progressive Democrats of New York, 14th Congressional District
  142. PDA-Ohio
  143. Progressive Democrats of Santa Barbara
  144. Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains
  145. PDA/DFA South Jersey
  146. PDA Rhode Island
  147. Poets West
  148. Progressive Democrats of Marin
  149. Progressive Democrats Sonoma County
  150. Project Censored
  151. Project Vote Count
  152. The Public Record
  153. Radio or Not
  154. Republicans for Impeachment
  155. Richmond Peace Education Center
  156. Rise Up Tampa Bay
  157. Rule of Law Institute
  158. San Franciso Bay View
  159. Save the Bill of Rights
  160. Seacoast Peace Response
  161. Seamus Berkeley Fine Art Painting
  162. Sitkans for Peace and Justice
  163. Smirking Chimp
  164. Christiane Brown, The Solution Zone
  165. South Florida Impeachment
  166. Squadron13
  167. St. Pete for Peace
  168. Stop Martial Law
  169. Stop the War Machine
  170. Straits Area Concerned Citizens for Peace and Justice
  171. Syracuse Cultural Workers
  172. Syracuse Peace Council
  173. Takoma Park, MD-Impeach Bush & Cheney
  174. TeleSpan Publishing Corp.
  175. Topanga Peace Alliance
  176. Topple Bush
  177. Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition International (TASSC)
  178. Transylvanians for Peace
  179. Traprock Center for Peace and Justice
  180. True Blue Network
  181. Tulsa Impeachment Committee
  182. Tulsa Peace Fellowship
  183. TV News Lies
  184. UM Constitutionalists
  185. Uncommon Thought Journal
  186. United for Peace and Justice
  187. US Citizens for Peace and Justice -Rome
  188. VAWN - Virginia Anti-War Network
  189. Velvet Revolution
  190. VeteransAgainstTorture
  191. Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
  192. Veterans for Peace
  193. Veterans for Peace - Gainesville
  194. Veterans for Peace - Smedley Butler Brigade
  195. Veterans for Peace 26 Chicago
  196. Veterans for Peace 099
  197. Veterans for Peace - John Day Chapter Los Angeles
  198. Veterans For Peace Chapter 72
  199. Vietnam Veterans Against the War - Chicago
  200. Voters Evolt
  201. Voters for Peace
  202. War Crimes Times
  203. War Is Illegal
  204. War Times/Tiempo de Guerras
  205. Washington For Impeachment
  206. Washington Peace Center
  207. WeAreChangeVancouver
  208. We the People Network
  209. WESPAC Foundation
  210. West Point Graduates Against the War
  211. West Seattle Neighbors for Peace and Justice
  212. Whatcom Veterans for Justice
  213. Wisconsin Impeachment/Bring Our Troops Home Coalition
  214. Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice
  215. Woodstock Peace Economy
  216. World Can't Wait
  217. World in Perspective